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Jackson, MS
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I've provided an extensive online CV to elaborate on my skills, experience, and work history. You can use the Quick Links to navigate to a specific section.

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Passionate and creative professional who has a great ability to learn the language of a new things from software to brands and communicate that across multiple platforms and channels. Expertly fast learner with over a decade of experience in managing marketing projects, editing, and creating content, images, and web pages, and serving customers with the highest regard. Intuitive problem-solver with over 15 years of sales and customer service experience in direct consumer and B2B. Lifelong learner who sees beyond the 'I don't knows' into the 'let's find out.'


In 2005 I took the CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment to discover my natural talents and I began a lifelong journey of studying and practicing those talents in all facets of my life to turn them into Strengths.

My Top 5 Strengths are in the strategic Thinking domain, which means I thrive in roles where I can learn, analyze and research information. Combined with my other Strengths (shown below in my Strengths DNA), I utilize what I learn towards quickly becoming a SME in whatever I'm tasked with.

Click here to download and read my Strengths Insight Guide.


Hard Skills

Soft Skills

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Market Research

  • Public Speaking/Presenting

  • Course Design

  • Writing/Editing Web Content

  • Event Planning/Management

  • Knowledgebase/Database Management

  • SWOT/SVOR Analysis

  • Blog Writing/Editing

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Organization

  • Team Work

  • Fast Learner

  • Customer Service

  • Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking

  • Time Management

  • Flexibility

Technical Knowledge

  • Microsoft Office (Advanced)

  • WordPress (Advanced)

  • Micro Focus Quality Center (Advanced)

  • UXPressia (Advanced)

  • Bloomfire (Advanced)

  • Thinkific (Advanced)

  • G Suite (Advanced)

  • ConvertKit (Advanced)

  • JIRA/Confluence (Advanced)

  • Airtable (Advanced)

  • Joomla (Intermediate)

  • LearnDash (Intermediate)

  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator (Intermediate)

  • iWork (Intermediate)

  • Salesforce (Intermediate)

  • HTML/CSS (Intermediate)

  • Qualtrics (Intermediate)

  • Miro (Intermediate)

  • Adobe XD (Intermediate)

  • SQL (Intermediate/Novice)

  • HEAP (Novice)

  • Salesforce (Novice)

  • Adobe Analytics (Novice)

  • Adobe InDesign (Novice)


Digital Customer Experience Manager | C Spire

March 2020 - Present

  • Review, close the loop, and determine root cause for all online and app surveys where we did not meet customer expectations.

  • Work with marketing, business leaders and teams, engineers and designers to create 'customer inspired' changes to the website, mobile app, and content based on data from NPS surveys, case management and market research.

  • Created and manage a JIRA ticket queue to track, prioritize and implement development and design changes.

  • Lead Customer Journey Mapping sessions around current and potential customer experiences.

  • Analyze and report data and trends from NPS surveys, customer experiences, and market research to teams and senior leadership.

  • Maintain an interactive knowledgebase platform (Bloomfire) through content creation, editing and organization using HTML/CSS in order to make the information more easily accessible.

Picture of Jen Anderson

Jennie consistently demonstrates a commitment to C Spire's customers. Over this past year, she moved into a new role on our Digital team, managed our digital customer experience through the pandemic when we received high volumes of customer feedback and surveys, and navigated the shift to operating in cross-functional, durable teams for Digital. She also, as webchat moved into Marketing & Digital, stepped in to help coach and provide support for that team as needed. She gained experience across multiple digital platforms -- including Qualtrics, Sessioncam, Wysdom, and our webchat platform, as well as becoming a certified digital product owner. She also reviewed and followed up on more than 600 customer digital NPS surveys last year to resolve customer issues, while also coding and researching the underlying issues for more than 1,800 digital NPS surveys. Her work to support our customers and improve their digital experiences directly contribute to us successfully beating our November Digital NPS goal of 36.
Jen Anderson, Senior Vice President, Marketing | C Spire

Image of Kristen Kindon

"Jennie is an incredible asset to any team. I've worked alongside Jennie as she has managed a number of different roles and teams. Her ability to quickly understand business needs, team dynamics, and OKRs is impressive. Jennie is deeply analytical and will surface practical solutions for improving efficiency and operational processes on any team she is a part of - I've seen her implement improvements that truly made a difference for the people she's collaborating with and supporting. Jennie is highly adept at identifying critical problems impacting customer experience and recommending solutions which are ultimately implemented across teams, including marketing, web development, support, and others. I enjoyed working with Jennie and know she will continue making notable improvements at every organization she is a part of." - Kristen Kindon, Conversion Optimization Manager | Postclick (Former Manager, Digital Experience | C Spire)

Image of Farris Antoon

"Jennie has an excellent grasp on understanding customer experiences and our digital journeys and translating customer experiences into actionable insights to drive change, contributing significantly to NPS growth and meeting the targeted 44 CXC score. She has a steadfast pursuit of “customer inspired” in surpassing customer expectations when they encounter issues in our digital channels."
Farris Antoon, Director, Marketing Strategy & E-Commerce | C Spire

Software Application Tester/QA | C Spire

Dec 2017 - March 2020

  • Participated on multiple project teams during project lifecycles to research industry trends and practices, recommend solutions, and test implementation.

  • Developed comprehensive test plans for web, mobile applications, and system specifications.

  • Executed test plans and communicated passing/failing results to project/product managers and teams.

  • Research, analyze and test production environments and implementations to ensure they met original specifications and did not adversely affect other systems.

  • Continually learn new and existing systems to be a SME in digital transformation projects.

  • Researched and learned new and improved ways to enhance and automate testing and implementation.

  • Researched and presented a solution for a company-wide interactive knowledgebase and Q&A engine to support our internal teams around everything from policies and procedures to product knowledge. The solution was implemented (utilizing Bloomfire) and we are now their top client with 100% engagement.

Brett Rogers picture

"Jennie B, is amazing! As a QA lead on our product, she did way more than just test the new features. She focused on the entire E2E experience. She won’t cut corners (ever). Her DNA is “customer first.” She was/is a natural extension of the Product team. Her understanding of the systems logic and all of our business process makes her an essential element of our team (web, mobile, billing, everything). LOVED working with her."
Brett Rogers, Senior Director, Product Management | Charter Communications (Former Director, Product Management | C Spire)

Enterprise Solutions/Telesales Advocate | C Spire

Aug 2015 - Dec 2017

  • Supported business, government and education accounts with technical and product support, sales and renewals.

  • Assisted leadership with escalated sensitive customer situations to successfully and quickly find a resolution.

  • Consistently delivered high-quality customer experiences to meet and exceed KPIs with the company mission in mind--being easy to do business with.

  • Mentored new hires as they acclimated to the new role and the company by sharing my experience with our processes, procedures, products, and customer support best practices.

  • Participated in a mentor program with the Sr. Manager of Advertising & Creative Services to find a solution to a unique problem the business was facing that connected marketing and our branding with hiring, training and development. Presented solution to executive leadership and worked with Marketing to implement the program.

  • Participated in testing data network management transition by executing written test cases and recording and following up on defects and enhancements.

Calvin Riggs picture

"Jennie definitely keeps the needs of the customer front and center. If she doesn't know what to do, she does what she knows and is always willing to learn what she needs to resolve customer issues from beginning to end."
Calvin Riggs, Director, Contract Administrator | C Spire (Former Telesales Coach)

"I've had the pleasure to work with Jennie over the last 15 years and watch her grow in her career. One thing is consistent about her is that she has a limitless capacity to learn and grow in order to become an expert in her field. She then takes that knowledge and utilizes it in future roles and responsibilities to make not only customer experiences the best but our company the best. We are very lucky to have her here."

- Aimee Hemphill, Director, Client Success & Retention | C Spire (Former Senior Manager, Telesales)

Head Guru | JSyd Your Friendly Guru (Freelance)

July 2008 - Present

  • Consult with small business owners and entrepreneurs to connect their digital presence with their business products, services, brand, and experience.

  • Research and implement business solutions based on market research in a client's niche, including email marketing, sales platforms, data management, and brand and communication best practices.

  • Created an online learning platform and individual course designs around business management and strengths coaching.

  • Design, optimize, and edit website pages and content to meet client expectations and branding standards.

  • Manage social media, engagement, and ad marketing by designing customized campaigns around specific products.

Brent O'Bannon picture

"Jennie has a keen eye for excellence, especially applied to social media and technology. I appreciate her responsiveness and ability to take responsibility for getting projects done efficiently. She also understands and appreciates the language of StrengthsFinder in our teamwork.

"My company was needing a better email marketing system and online course program. Jennie quickly set up our Convertkit email marketing system with a segmented email list, tags, landing pages and forms, while engaging my subscribers with more content. She also learned and created our Thinkific courses. Now I have 3 online courses with updated branding, videos, email sequences, along with seamless payment options for new clients. Jennie is a technology guru and self learner that thrives on cutting edge marketing solutions."
Brent O'Bannon, Founder and Owner, MCC & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach | Brent O'Bannon, LLC

Shawn Steiner picture

"It has been a pleasure having Jennie as my web developer for several months. Jennie is a hard working, persistent and capable web developer, who meticulously researches, formats, edits and proofs her work. I've received several compliments from customers who have seen the fruits of her hard work. Jennie is an innovative self-starter, who rarely requires supervision. She is punctual, typically exceeds expectations, manages stress well and voluntarily works overtime to meet a deadline. Jennie is very careful to understand and meet customer needs and is very good at making suggestions to that end. I strongly recommend hiring her."

- Shawn Steiner, Founder, Owner, Chief Instructor | Steiner Academy of Martial Arts Training

Client Support Coordinator | Gallup, Inc

Jan 2013 - May 2014

  • Provided clients, customers, subscribers, and readers with support regarding business practices and products, the company website, and published books. This ranged from large enterprise companies, education institutions, to small businesses and individual consultants.

  • Maintained individual high-quality scores to meet and exceed KPIs around customer surveys, ticket resolution, and inbound phone support.

  • Weekly reviewed quality audit feedback and found ways to improve in areas of opportunity.

  • Worked with various teams to provide feedback on client experiences so products and services could be developed or improved ranging from content to usability.

  • Learned a variety of unique applications quickly to become a Subject Matter Expert in specific products and support areas.

Service Learning Assistant Coordinator/AmeriCorps*VISTA | Metropolitan Community College

Mar 2010 - Dec 2013

  • Assisted in writing and executing grants to create extensive AmeriCorps*VISTA and AmeriCorps programs.

  • Managed and trained Work Study students in SLC department.

  • Recruited and trained new AmeriCorps members in processes and program requirements.

  • Developed and presented Poverty Simulations and Budget and Grant Writing Workshops to students, teachers, and community members.

  • Assisted in creation and managed a department budget with the Director of Service-Learning.

  • Managed and contributed to the department’s web page, content creating and editing, social media posts, and print marketing materials.

  • Planned and executed multiple college and community projects from annual events to updating internal organization practices around implementing service-learning and creating a data management system to organize ongoing projects and opportunities.

Picture of Debra LaHoda

"I had the opportunity to work with Jennie on special projects a number of times. I have always found her to be extremely competent and capable. She is great at strategizing plans for activities, as well as the day to day operations of an organization. She is a great team player and an effective leader... always a pleasure!"

- Debra J. LaHoda, M.A., Student Services Advisor | Metropolitan Community College

"Jennie is a great boss. She took time to guide and mentor me on computer skills, as well as helping me find a balance between work and school. Jennie noticed skills and abilities in me that I didn't even know I had. She paved the way for me to become a MCC Corps member, in which it offers many fulfilling prospects for a young college student. I can be proud to call someone like Jennie my former supervisor. "

- Ciara Watson, Production Assistant | iHeart Media (Former AmeriCorps MCC Corps Member/Director | Metropolitan Community College)

Operations Manager & Sales Specialist | Verizon Wireless & Select Communications

Feb 2008 - Dec 2009

  • Managed daily operations, sales floor leadership, customer escalations and team development.

  • Audited daily inventory, financial reports, and transactions according to compliance policies and procedures.

  • In first year led the store to its first passing audit in processes, money management, inventory, and security since 2006 (3 years).

  • Maintained store appearance inventory levels and merchandising policies.

  • Developed trainings and individually coached the team on opportunities in processes and procedures.

  • Assisted in new store openings and training.

"A few months after Jennie was hired, the company asked both of us to move to Baton Rouge, LA to manage a location that was in need of a “turn around”. Jennie was promoted to the Sales Operations Manager position. In this position she was responsible for sales processes, merchandising, facilities management and operations compliance. This location had a reputation in the company as being less than stellar at operations. Within a few months Jennie turned the location’s operational performance around so that now it is one of the top locations in the district in regards to sales operations. Jennie was able to do this successfully for several reasons. She possesses a strong will and a personal determination to get the job done. She has a firm commitment to quality. Jennie also has a gift for teaching, which she used to train the staff in proper methods and procedures."

- Trey Golman, Manager, Solutions Architect | Verizon (Former General Manager | Verizon)

"Jennie was part of our team in 2009 during an acquisition, and worked in a tumultuous situation and trying environment. Yet Jennie provided solid leadership and a positive attitude helping us transition. I have no doubt in Jennie’s ability to benefit an organization with her work ethic and commitment to finishing the job."

- Joel Larkin, Vice President| European Wax Center (Former Vice President of Sales | Select Communications)

Adam Shaffer picture

"Jennie was a critical component of Select's expansion into the gulf region. She provided a warm and welcoming place for customers to purchase wireless phones and services in a brand new market for us. She helped us establish a loyal customer base and I valued her time with Select greatly."

- Adam Shaffer, Vice President, HR | Victra (Former Manager of Quality & Training | Select Communications)

Hiring & Training Coordinator/Department Senior | Best Buy

2005 - 2008

  • Developed and conducted a new hire training program and trainings on Business Acumen and customer satisfaction for team members and leadership. These trainings were used for both new hires, current team members, and management.

  • Lead multiple teams to top 10 sales and service rankings company wide.

  • Coached teams around sales and service opportunities.

  • Developed weekly and monthly sales plans based.

  • Maintained multiple department schedules.

  • Assisted in grand opening several locations from product placement to team member training.

  • Reviewed applications, screened applicants for leadership and led overall hiring and onboarding for the store.


Hinds Community College | 2004

A.A. History

Dean's Scholar (3.95 GPA), Student Government Officer, Mu Alpha Theta, Honors Public Relations, Liberal Arts Club Founder/Chairman, BSU Director's Assistant & Fundraising Coordinator


Certified Scrum Product Owner® | 2020

Scrum Alliance

Skilled at working in ideation sessions to identify product vision, roadmaps, and release plan; communicating with stakeholders and multiple teams; understanding customers to meet their needs simultaneously while meeting stakeholder expectations, validating product assumptions; and creating, managing, and refining a backlog.


  • Web Chat Manager | C Spire (temp fill-in) (2020)

  • C Spire Gaming Officer | C Spire (2017-Present)

  • Pepper Robot Pro & C3 Team Mentor | C Spire TechMVMT (2017-Present)

  • Technology Consultant, Social Media Manager & Photographer | Burgers & Blues and Pho Huong Vietnamese Restaurant (2017-2019)

  • Business & Sales Specialist | Apple, Inc (2014-2015)

  • Mobile Specialist | Best Buy (2014)

  • Marketing & Sponsorship Volunteer | Opera Omana (2010-2014)

  • Volunteer Youth Advisor | Inclusive Communities (2010-2013)

  • AmeriCorps*VISTA | ServNebraska (2010-2011)

  • Café Barista & Trainer | Borders, Inc (2003-2010)


  • Writing poetry, short stories, and music

  • Food Photography

  • Reading & researching about history and philosophy

  • Playing video and board games with friends and family

  • Teaching my cats to fetch

  • Volunteering in local plays (Actor/Stage Crew)

  • Blogging